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£10m fund for UK high street remains unused

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: town centres, unused funds

I didn’t expect the scheme to be successful – you may remember the government proposed to give 100 local authorities millions of pounds in a high profile initiative designed to attract shoppers to town centres. But the current statistics are quite worrying. Because it appears that only 7.2% of the funds available were used.
Some items that were purchased using the fund were a portable stage, a PA system and £37,000 for the salary of a business manager. I am sure that there are better ways to stimulate the economy rather than creating another layer of bureaucracy and red tape. Let me give you a couple of ideas.

What about suspending parking charges or providing free bus journeys at weekends? All this can be done simply without employing another person and without administration. Initiatives like this will attract shoppers to town centres.
Let us know if you have any ideas for distributing the fund and boosting the economy.