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Case studies

Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt, Barnsley
Steve Hunt is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in practice and industry whose decision to change career direction was for the simple fact that he wanted to work with a portfolio of small businesses within his local area.

AIMS appealed to him due to the support he would receive from the central office and its resources and he opened his AIMS Accountants office in Barnsley in June 2014 with no clients and no previous sales and marketing experience and since then has grown from zero clients to 75 clients.

Putting his success down to some good web marketing, telesales and a lot of networking, Steve recently won an award at the AIMS Annual Conference “Fastest growing Franchise” and already has the next 12 months planned out. On receiving his award Steve said “I’m delighted to win this award - my biggest challenge when I started was winning new business so this award is important to me as it is recognition of a very successful first year”.

He also commented on the fact that he “Thoroughly enjoys working with local small businesses and I’m looking forward to continued growth but the focus will shift to delivering excellent customer service in line with the AIMS philosophy to all my new clients”.

Tania Oxley
Tania Oxley, Birmingham
Setting up my own accounting practice wasn’t something I’d ever thought of doing - having left KMPG immediately after qualifying and spending the next 15 years in line management roles. But then I heard of AIMS through a friend of a friend and after some thought and research it felt like the right move for me. The opportunity sounded great and what really attracted me to AIMS was the fact that I would be in charge of my hours, and I could grow the business to the size I wanted to suit my personal circumstances.

As any working parent knows, juggling work and home commitments can feel like a constant battle and after 12 years I’m still not sure I’ve got the balance right - I know how things should work in theory but the reality is never quite as simple.

Building my practice with AIMS has given me more flexibility over the hours I work, so I was able to attend school sports days and Christmas plays when my boys were younger. Now they are teenagers I’m more of a taxi service and a bank, but being in control of my own diary helps me stay sane.

Running your own business requires huge amounts of energy and perseverance – the core work is only half the story (and most of my clients, whichever line of work they are in, would say the same). So I empathise when clients are struggling to plan their cash flows or to deal with computer crashes. But, like me, they appreciate the freedom and opportunities of being their own boss and I also have the added benefit of the central office support provided by AIMS which is a godsend.

Philippa Scobie
Philippa Scobie, Bedford
I started to toy with the idea of setting up my own accounting practice about a year after my second child was born and the eldest starting school. School pickups and drop-offs and holidays just seemed to get in the way of full-time employment and I began to feel that I wasn’t really giving either my job or my children the time that they needed.

I came across the advert for AIMS whilst reading through a email - looking for that elusive part-time job that would fit in with my qualifications and experience and decided that I could really benefit from their expertise to turn the dream of being my own boss into a reality.

I was naturally sceptical of franchises and expected the costs to outweigh the benefits, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the ‘value for money’ offered by AIMS. There were no initial high franchise which gave me great comfort because AIMS aligns their long term interests with my long term interest – in addition the amount and quality of support available is fantastic, allowing me to remain in control of my own destiny and most importantly, my own working hours.

I am still in the very early stages of running my practice, however, I already feel confident about going out there and selling myself and building up an adequate income that I am not sure I would have had by going it alone. It was very clear from the start that their focus is on my success. From helping with social media marketing to setting up my home office, AIMS have been there with the knowledge and experience to get things right first time, no doubt saving me money as well as precious time.

Endorsements from AIMS accountants

“I have been very happy with the amount of work coming my way thanks to AIMS and its marketing and although leads still come through I am at a place where I don’t want more clients as my work fits around my lifestyle and allows me to spend more time with my family.”

Jon Huntley ACCA, London

“I have been an AIMS accountant for 9 years and due to the marketing system in place I have accumulated a varied client base encompassing many differing industrial sectors. Leads always come through but my client base is sufficient for my available resources.”

Christopher Rowe FCMA, Staffordshire

“I was skeptical about the prospects for growth, yet AIMS marketing strategy really works and I am certain my practice has grown to this size in much less time and at much less cost than the way I would have done it alone. The support of being in AIMS has given me the confidence to be independent.”

Nigel Wayne FCA, Devon

“Being part of AIMS has helped me grow my practice steadily over the years. AIMS has helped me attract new client in a number of ways - by use of the AIMS telemarketing system, the high profile of the AIMS website, Google campaigns and use of social media. Being part of AIMS has taken the headache out of marketing my practice to local businesses.”

Niall McConkey FCCA, Godalming, Surrey

“Being unemployed at 50 is tough and getting a new job was not going too well. As luck would have it, I bumped into an ex colleague whom that month had started with AIMS and she gave me the contact details. The rest is history and 10 years later I have a good business. Am I having fun….yes!! I have wonderful clients who give me great pleasure to work with. This business is not rocket science. Of course you have to keep up to date and maintain your knowledge base, but the most important aspect is to care for your clients and to be there when they need you. Customer service is king!!! So many thanks to you all for providing me with the opportunity to have a good life and may it continue for many years. It is not only my 10th anniversary with AIMS but my 60th anniversary of being on this earth.”

Philip Manson FFA, Chelmsford, Essex

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