Business tips that will help your business

Every week we publish tips to help your business but remember, our accountants are never too far away, so for more help and advice on Accounting and Taxation, contact your Local AIMS Accountant today.

Create a strong identity to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Lead and don’t be led.


How would your company do if you were a customer? Address any issues before they get worse.


Ask your employees what could be done better. After all they are at the frontline of your business.


Think about what your customers need and don’t over complicate things – simple is best.


Make sure you plan and if you don’t you could be planning to fail.


Care about what your customers think; good or bad.


Never be afraid to take risks and if you don’t you could miss out on an opportunity.


You need to get the most out of your staff - employ the best for your company and always do good by them.


Companies are built by teams, not individuals so always do right by them.


Happy customers equal returning customers – never forget that.


Always make time for marketing and make it a priority. Remember, if you don’t make yourself known out there how will people know you exist?


Hiring the right people is crucial for any business and personality is just as important as skill. But if the personality doesn’t feel right then don’t hire them.


Ambition, vision and passion are the secret to any business – never lose sight of these.


Be smart with customer feedback. Listen to it and address it in a sensible way.


You should carefully consider which legal structure best suits you and your company.