/ Gatwick Hilton Hotel

2020 AIMS Annual Conference

Date: 08/09/2020

Gatwick Hilton Hotel

Our Annual Conference Celebrates our Network of Accountants and Partners

Every year, the AIMS Conference is a highlight of the business calendar for AIMS Accountants and Partners. Our Conferences bring together the wide-ranging AIMS Accountant community, along with our many valued Partners, for a day filled with invaluable opportunities for Partners to reach AIMS Accountants across the nation, and show them how their services can make the lives of both our Accountants and their SME clients easier.

For 2020, AIMS will be returning to the Gatwick Hilton Hotel for a Conference that brings together the entire AIMS family at once. We’ll be providing dedicated training sessions, new accounting technology showcases, practical case studies, and much more to all our AIMS Accountants! We’re always open to welcoming new Partners to the Conference – if you’re interested in attending, please get in touch.



Sponsoring The Conference

At AIMS, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we can provide an event that is invaluable to both our accountants and or sponsors. Our sponsors play a key role throughout the event with direct access to our 200 accountants. Our sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Speaking and Presentation Opportunities
  • Exhibitors
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Dinner and Prize Sponsorship

We’re also always open to new sponsorship opportunities. If you are looking at reaching out to AIMS accountants and our clients, here are just a few benefits of sponsoring our Conference.



  • 2020 AIMS Annual Conference
    • Meet over 200 Accountants and interact with them on a personal level.
    • Interact with potential customers on a face-to-face basis.
    • Pitch how your products can help each unique situation, not just general issues.
    • Every person you meet will have a direct interest in your products.
  • 2020 AIMS Annual Conference
    • Get your branding out in front of AIMS Accountants in a formal manner throughout the day
    • Opportunities range from sponsored advertising and booth presences to direct involvement with training sessions and talks.
    • Attend our after-conference dinner and drinks and talk to AIMS Accountants in a relaxed, informal setting.
    • Learn more about our Accountants personally, and how your product can appeal to them and their clients
  • 2020 AIMS Annual Conference
    • Gain valuable insight into the work of your business customers.
    • Learn just what accountants and their clients are looking for in a service firsthand.
    • Interact with Senior Management to gain a view of operations across the entire Network.
    • Develop your products and strategy to expound on how you can provide what they need.

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