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Accountancy is boring so don’t deal with it

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

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Don’t read on;

  •     If you’re happy with the amount of tax you pay.
  •     If you are happy to pay your accountant by the hour and thus never know what your bill will be.
  •     If you don’t care who is dealing with your tax and accounting issues.

Over the last 20 years we’ve analysed what small businesses need from their accountant and have built those needs into our business plan. Have you ever taken step back and spent time with your customers? You’ll find that engaging with your clients and potential clients will help you grow.

From speaking with our potential clients we have realised one thing, that a lot are unsatisfied with their current accountant and would prefer someone they can completely trust, that takes an interest in their business and one that has a simple and efficient payment method.

Enter AIMS; (apologies that once again we are plugging our business, but it’s crucial to highlight that we are not your normal accountants), we are no ordinary bean counters and double up as business advisers to help our clients develop and run their business.
The best use of your time is to grow your business, and although you may find the time to manage your accounts, you don’t know what you don’t know.

AIMS are the largest network of Accountants in the UK and our proactive approach, visiting our clients and charging upfront fees with no added extras has enabled our clients to be successful while we look after our their tax planning, accounts and advising them on business decisions.

You should concentrate on your passion, developing your business, innovating and growing. Stick to what you know and let us do the rest.

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