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Budget Update – what changed?

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Budget

The chancellor has now delivered his ‘budget for the aspiration nation’ and we have summarised the highlights which have the biggest impact on Small and Medium sized Businesses in our spring update.

It seems that the Chancellor introduced another tsunami of small initiatives, most of which will probably be lost through red tape and small print, like most of the previous initiatives. Whilst in isolation the proposed ideas are positive and welcome, what are missing are bold and positive concepts which will motivate SMEs to grow and expand. Just look at the scrap yard of failed initiatives like the funding for Lending scheme, which actually motivated the banks to lend less because of the unsustainable conditions and lack of demand.

This budget has again shown how important it is to have the right professionals on your team. Tax issues are becoming more complex, which is where we come in. Allow me one quick plug, we are at the largest network of professional accountants, so if you need any help with you accounts and tax planning let us know.

What do you think about the latest budget announcement? Is there anything else that you would have liked to see?