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Despite the doom and gloom some businesses continue to make money

When you open the paper or listen to the radio or watch TV the news is pretty depressing. It sounds like Armageddon is just around the corner.

However, careful analysis shows that there are some business opportunities and hardworking business people and entrepreneurs can actually enjoy success. Let me give you an example of successful businesses: nail bars, hairdressers, modern coffee shops, micro-breweries, camping and caravan  sites, repair garages – to name a few. I’ve actually only focussed on smaller businesses to make the point that there are opportunities to start a business.

The question I am asking is why the media don’t write about these success stories because I believe that hearing these success stories would motivate all business people and entrepreneurs. Many of those businesses require very limited finance so we can’t blame it all on the banks (although there is still a lot of blame they need to accept!).

If you know of any other business sectors which are successful please let me know.