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Don’t stress over self-assessments

Author: Naomi Cowan

2018-19 self-assessment tax returns, due on 31st January earlier this year, were due to be submitted by a record 11.56million people. 93.6% of returns were received by the deadline, however, 730,000 made the deadline by only by the skin of their teeth, with 26,000 people submitting in the final hour before the deadline at 11.59pm.

Furthermore, over 700,000 people missed the deadline completely and had to pay a fine of at least £100. HMRC will accept reasonable excuses but claiming your mother-in-law is a witch who put a curse on you, or that you were too small to reach the post box, doesn’t cut the mustard!

If you were one of hundreds of thousands of people who ‘only just made it’ or received a fine for submitting late, then consider the benefits of an AIMS accountant. We take the worry and stress away by keeping you on track and submitting on your behalf.

Self-assessment tax returns can have up to 100 pages (yes, we’re serious!). Let AIMS make them simple. Be self-assessment smart.