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Economic Statistics

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accountants

Every week we are bombarded with new sets of economic data. One week mortgage lending is up, the next week it’s down. One week retail sales are up and the next week they are down. It seems that we are overwhelmed with so many detailed statistics that nobody appears to be on top of the red line. I wonder if it would be more helpful if our politicians and journalists focus on the success stories rather than on negative stories. I still haven’t discovered why negative stories about the economy are more interesting than the positive ones.

The reason I mention this is simply because we enjoy talking to our clients about their success. Yes, things are difficult but we are here to help our clients and find solutions. Most business people and entrepreneurs have a positive outlook on life – otherwise why would they run a business? And if you have a positive outlook on life, surely you prefer to indulge in stories of success. Even in today’s economic climate there are still a great number of positive stories that are dying to be shared.