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Grilled Chicken VAT

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: VAT

If you think that I’ve lost my marbles, you are wrong. There are new VAT rules that suggest Rotisserie Chickens will attract VAT. This is of course in line with a discussion that we had previously about the governments U-turn on pasties.

If you think this is the only change, then let me tell you that there is also going to be VAT applied on haircuts from self-employed hairdressers!

I actually don’t think that it is wrong to abolish all these VAT anomalies albeit that it will increase the tax payments. What is astonishing is that these anomalies existed in the first place.

As we have said in the past; as long as there is such an abundance of tax anomalies, there will be an abundance of tax avoidance!

Let us know what you think about tax avoidance and Chicken VAT.