‘I like dealing with my tax’

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accountant, hmrc, Tax, taxation, time management

Sounds odd doesn’t it? But if you have an effective and efficient Accountant on your side then dealing with HMRC should be a piece of cake (because they’ll do it). Everybody knows that our tax code is complicated but did you know that it already comes to nearly 22,000 pages, and is added to continually?

You actually don’t need to employ the services of an accountant and you can do it all by yourself. Sounds good? Not really, as the key question is do you have the time and do you have the will to get to grips with all the rules and regulations.

And that’s why it is so important that you work with an accountant who you can trust and can rely on – who will make sure that they are dealing with the numbers so you can focus on running your business.

Naturally, we would like you to choose an AIMS Accountant, but if not just make sure that you appoint a qualified accountant so that you can benefit from his or her experience and qualifications.

If you like the way we think you will like the way we work. We are business accountants for business people. Find your local AIMS Accountant to support your business.