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Memory of a goldfish!

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Ill-Designed Information

From time to time you will hear people comparing their memory to that of a gold fish which is 3 seconds. What fewer people know is that gold fish have an average ‘attention span’ of 8 seconds, which is one more than humans.

I thought about his point when I received a recent government document in the post which provides independent information on energy consumption.  I don’t doubt that the information in the 20 page pamphlet is a good source of facts and figures designed to educate us, but surely if we do in fact have an attention span of 8 second or less then no one will read something of that length.

If you are reading this last sentence then I’ve managed to stretch your attention span for over 7 seconds, congratulations, this goes to highlight that the main problem behind changing energy suppliers is getting over the first hurdle which is a long-winded document followed by countless contracts all written in a language designed to baffle the customer.

I hope that you will share my concern about information that is ill-designed and too extensive for public consumption.