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Only in Utopia you don’t need an accountant

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accountant, AIMS Accountants, Utopia

Ask yourself, “What does ‘accountant’ mean?” The meaning isn’t actually very interesting but if you have a business then you probably have one or need one.

People can have very different perceptions of accountants and the one thing they all say about them is that they are boring. And why is that? Is it because they play with numbers all day? Let me tell you that accountants like most of the population aren’t all the same and they can have fun just like the rest of us. Of course they have a very important and serious job to do but that doesn’t necessarily make them boring – it’s true. You can [should] have a great connection with your accountant; which does include a laugh or two and maybe even a pint at your local and they can also offer great mentoring but involve the boring tax system and they knuckle down to the job.

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t assume all accountants are tedious number crunchers and you should also remember the benefits they bring to your business – like saving you money. So if you are looking for an accountant ask friends if they know someone – a referral is always a good sign, experience in dealing with a business of your size and sector is again good. Even more importantly they should be qualified and you should trust them.

It does not have to be an AIMS accountant – of course, we would love to work with you and we possess all the criteria that make a great accountant (and we like to crack a joke or two) – just make sure that you get the right professional with the right qualifications to assist you in achieving your vision for your business going forward.

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