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Pick’n’mix – the tax sweet shop

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Picknmix, tax laws

Well that explains everything. No wonder we have ludicrous tax laws; the very people that are in charge of advising the government on tax law are the same people liaising with large corporate companies to assist them in exposing the loopholes. It’s no surprise we have anomalies.

It’s absurd that companies are allowed to hire accountants that are also the same people who have a foot in the door when new tax laws are created. We are the UK largest network of professional accountants and although we don’t advise the government we do ensure that all of our clients pay a fair amount of tax which is why it seems more unjust that the small companies get punished for not abiding by UK Tax law when larger corporates, who are operating in the UK tuck their profits in foreign bank accounts to avoid their tax implications.

I wonder what law you would create if you were asked to advise the government?

I think we would suggest a tax relief for small businesses or simply ask that the National Lottery includes a small business initiative to drive local funding for SMEs.

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