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Social Media for Accountants?

I can’t open a marketing magazine these days without seeing at least three or four articles dedicated to social media. You’d think it was the bee-all and end-all to marketing. The on-going debate of whether social media is beneficial to specific types of industries continues and the benefits do somewhat depend on ‘you’ll get out what you put in’. It does make us think will our business really subside if we are not on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN? Somehow I think not! We all hear how great social media is but with global brands using a large team of online marketing specialists it does make a large portion of SME’s think how can I compete?

SME’s do not need to compete with global brands, unless you have bags of money to spend on social media – SME’s will never apply the same time based attention and structure to social media sites as global brands such as Coca Cola and Starbucks and they will to an extent not need to. Having a presence on social media sites really is based on the career of a socialite – it’s all about being seen.

Although it may not seem it..we do vouch for the benefits of social media if it is done right, after all we are doing it ourselves for our 240 accountants. We do believe SME’s should embrace modern marketing tools, just bear in mind a lot of time and effort is involved in maintaining a successful social media site and if mismanaged it can be just as detrimental to your brand as it is positive. The only thing we know which doesn’t work is to quickly design a Facebook site, a Twitter presence and a website and then leave it at that and hope that clients will rush to you.