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What does 686-227-38 mean in connection with the Budget?

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accounts payable, Budget

You may think that we have gone totally mad quoting those figures. However, they are real figures relating to the budget. This year’s budget produced:

  • 686 pages
  • 227 clauses
  • 38 schedules

Good bedtime reading. I wonder how this relates to the concept of introducing tax simplification and/or streamlining our existing system. Well it doesn’t and it is clear that all these things make all our lives more difficult. Many people think that accountants thrive on having a complex tax system – far from it. We would rather have a tax system which will enable us to focus on assisting our clients to develop their business.

Having said this we are committed to make sure that we read those 686 pages so that we take care of all the issues in those 227 clauses and 38 schedules which concern our clients.