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You deserve better, how loyal are you?

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Loyalty, Switch Accountant

Loyalty is admirable and a great virtue, but ask yourself one question; do you receive added value from your service providers?

Sometimes you feel that you are being taken for granted but choose to stick with your current service or product supplier because you think it’s too difficult to change or you are too loyal to switch.

Companies rely on people like this and continue to offer a mediocre service knowing that people will continue to pay. Switching service providers is not only a good idea, it’s encouraged. Martin the Money Saving Expert encourages small businesses to constantly compare current rates and insists that it’s easier than you think to trade in your underperforming bank, energy supplier or even accountant.

But it is not just “price”. You deserve the best service and shouldn’t be taken for granted by companies that have more attractive offers for new customers than they do for their existing ones.

I’m still puzzled by the attitude of some companies. The customer is your most important asset; he/she is the one that is buying your product or service and has the greatest influence on the buying nature of those around them.

Switch! You never know you may just get that service you’ve been longing for.