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Your Choice: A Business Buddy or More Customers

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: exemption tax of corporate taxis, hmrc, penalties

Another brilliant idea from the Government. Yes you did read it correctly. I use the word brilliant with a hint of sarcasm. Business people don’t need buddies. They need customers. They need conditions which allow them to start and develop their business. There are so many consultants trying to offer business advice and the common factor of most consultants is that none of them have ever run a business. In order to run a business you do need to be a little bit mad. You have to chase your dreams. It’s not all financial analysis and spread sheets. The interpretation of this data is a personal assessment and the personality of the business person is at that point far more important. I think rather than trying to create more schemes the Government should create conditions allowing business people to start, operate and develop their businesses.