Our clients like tax, we deal with it for them

AIMS Accountants that cover Bexhill

AIMS Accountants that cover Bexhill

Running a small business? You’ll need an accountant. But not just any accountant. An accountant who doesn’t charge by the hour. One who is local to you. An accountant who likes dealing with tax.

All our Accountants in Bexhill deliver the following services:

  • All of your tax and related tax planning
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Business advice

We’ll focus on the numbers, you focus on running your business.

Your AIMS Accountant will visit you for a free, no obligation meeting to assess your requirements. It’s what you expect an accountant to do, done well.

Anthony Mackenzie (FCA)
01424 435744
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Jonathan Lynn (FCA)
01892 861582
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Alison Robinson ACMA & Gary Robinson ACMA (ACMA)
01233 756148
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Steve Plowman (FCA)
01233 714759
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Casper Hatch (MAAT, ICPA)
01622 673815
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Joanna McGovern (FCCA)
01959 522603
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"March 2018 – 249 SMEs like you appointed an AIMS accountant"