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Our focus is on revenue growth for our accountants and not on high franchise fees or expensive running costs.


Clear Benefits

Healthy work-life balance

Work from home - No commuting

Leave all things corporate behind

Deal with real local people


No More

Meetings that could have been an email

Tedious power point presentations

Boring meetings for no purpose

Anonymous corporations


Our Support

Marketing system

Lead generation

Ongoing technical support

Dedicated team a phone call away

Core Systems and Tools

Give us a call on 0207 616 6642 to find out just how AIMS can work for you.

In the last 12 months 4,310 new clients and 23 new accountants said “Yes” to AIMS!

AIMS Accountancy Franchise has been established for nearly 30 years and we continue to enjoy robust growth along with a successful track record. Our success is based on our clear focus on our clients, our proven systems which have been developed over the years and the backup, ongoing support and frequent training sessions which we provide for all of our AIMS franchisees.

In order to ensure the highest standard for our clients, potential AIMS Accountants must be fully qualified and a member of a professional body. You must also hold a practising certificate or be eligible for one.

Learning About AIMS

The best way to learn about AIMS is by attending one of our free Discovery Workshops! The sessions are a dedicated Q&A between prospective AIMS Accountants and AIMS’ central Directors, where you can ask detailed questions about exactly what being an AIMS Accountant means, and what you should expect from the role.

The Workshops are held on a regular basis throughout the year. Our upcoming Discovery Dates for the next few months are:

  • Thursday 30 June  (5pm   – webinar)
  • Thursday 7 July (5pm – webinar)
  • Wednesday 20 July (9am – webinar)
  • Tuesday 26 July (1pm – webinar)

To book your place in a Discovery Workshop, email or call us on 0207 616 6642

To learn more about AIMS have a look at the further information below:

  • Join AIMS

    What does it take to join AIMS?

    A qualified accountant who wants to take control of his or her career, who appreciates the benefits the AIMS System for brings to both them and their clients.

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  • Join AIMS

    What AIMS Can Offer You

    Everything you need to build your practice: technical knowledge back up, the practice management framework, a comprehensive marketing system (including, most importantly, clients).

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    Looking for an accounting Franchise? How AIMS can let you take control of your career

    Being stuck in an office as a cog in a machine can be a dispiriting affair for many. Here's our thoughts on some of the latest news about working in the Corporate Accounting world!

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    Practices for sale

    Even AIMS Accountants retire every so often, so there may be a ready-made opportunity for you in your area.

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  • Join AIMS

    The AIMS Concept

    Put simply, it works. Just ask every AIMS Accountant.

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  • Join AIMS

    Training and support

    An AIMS Accountant is never “alone”. Our training programme and continued support helps you win and keep your clients.

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  • Join AIMS

    Accountant reviews

    Deeds speak louder than words, but don’t worry, we’re growing just as we always have.

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  • Join AIMS

    Accountant reviews

    Hear it from AIMS Accountants who have been through the process of building their practices with AIMS.

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  • Join AIMS

    Our Discovery Workshops

    We run regular Discovery Workshops where you can ask us directly about what it means to be an AIMS Accountant.

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  • Join AIMS

    Escape Corporate Life and Escape the City

    “Best decision we’ve ever made – we have not looked back” Read how one accountant took the leap and traded the corporate rat race for the countryside with AIMS.

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  • Joining AIMS and running your own practice

    Joining AIMS and running your own practice: Shyam Thanki

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  • Gary and Alison Robinson & Will and Louise Burridge

    Could you work alongside your other half? 4 tips to make it work!

    Have you thought about starting your own practice alongside your spouse?

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