We do what you expect a franchisor to do, and we do it well!

Our ethos is very clear and many factors have contributed to our success. The AIMS Accountancy Franchise is not static and we constantly review and update our marketing to maximise your success. Our website is updated every month as a result of our continued research of new business trends. All of our systems and procedures are updated constantly with the latest developments so that we and you are always on top of any changes in the market.

AIMS has a very flat organisational structure and we pride ourselves on being informal whilst maintaining a high standard of professionalism – we also expect this of our accountants. Our decentralised structure means that we can offer clients a cost-efficient pricing structure which is unique to AIMS. Our clients also have peace of mind – they know that they are dealing with a qualified accountant who always puts the needs of their clients first and with the support and backup of a knowledgeable team at Central Office.

Our training covers:

  • Technical support
  • Marketing – lead generation
  • Marketing – training and support
  • Practice management

We combine your accountancy expertise with our initial and ongoing training and support in accountancy, taxation, business systems, IT and marketing. This enables you to develop a practice that is a profitable business and an asset with capital value that you could sell in the future. We also don’t impose any financial targets which could stifle you so you can grow your practice to the size that you want, and at your desired pace – working from home helps minimise any extra costs and fits in with your lifestyle.

Ultimately, we believe your efforts should be directly reflected in your rewards and we are always available if you need to speak to us – and we are with you every step of the way.

What are the benefits of an AIMS Accountancy Franchise?

  • We offer you a full range of promotional material, accountancy, technical and administration support, ongoing training, public relations, marketing support and computer backup.
  • Our marketing techniques and support can help you achieve a strong presence in your local community. In addition, AIMS strong national profile complements and backs up your involvement in your local business community which is invaluable when building up your practice.
  • With the combination of a home office environment and the specialist support from the London central office, you have an immediate advantage over any high street accountancy practice – price. You are also able to establish a healthy work-life balance.
  • There are no pre-set targets. You achieve the level of income and workload which you are comfortable with – you decide the scope of your business and the income you need. We believe that your efforts should translate directly into your reward.
  • Your input into the company will be more visible and directly linked to its performance – therefore having an impact on the running of the business.
  • We review our strategy and procedures every quarter responding to the needs of the accountants, as well as trends in the marketplace allowing you to keep ahead of changes in business tools and opportunities.

Looking after our clients underpins our clear focus for AIMS accountants to operate a successful and profitable practice. We know our marketing works and our track record speaks for itself. If we take a look at our newer accountants who have been with us for less than two years, they average 56 new clients each and they are still growing. There is also the possibility to purchase another accountant clients’ book if they retire and are in your region.

Hear directly from our Accountants, and visit our YouTube channel for more interviews.

In the last 12 months 1,967 new clients and 15 new accountants said “YES” to AIMS!

To start your AIMS journey, call 0207 616 6642 or email philip.doyle@aims.co.uk today.