Numbers are undoubtedly gold dust for any accountant and it’s important to understand where the numbers have come from. We would like to share with you some important facts and figures relating to the AIMS Accountancy Franchise so that you have an understanding of what drives these numbers and see how being part of the AIMS organisation can work for you.

In the last 12 months 1,967 small businesses chose to work with an AIMS accountant

Fact – We focus exclusively on SMEs; businesses which are usually operated by their owners. They may be sole-traders or they may employ 100 staff; they may have a small turnover or they may enjoy an eight-figure turnover. Aside from this they all have one thing in common: it is their business and they want and need straight and direct communication and no corporate red tape – just like us!

Over 50% of new clients came from referrals

Fact – Our clients enjoy working with AIMS – they tell us all the time. We provide a quality service with benefits that suit them and their business. Why would they go anywhere else? We are able to offer what other accountants can’t.

Over 40% of new clients come from online marketing

Fact – With more people interacting online it goes without saying that this increases year on year. Our marketing activities recognise the importance of “online” and our strategy is monitored on an ongoing and regular basis to ensure it is working. This means more clients for you.

23,893 existing clients

Fact – These are “live” clients which means that they are still with us and we are growing by 15% every year.

Turnover in the past twelve months exceeded £12,000,000. 

Fact – We are enjoying robust growth and there are absolutely no signs of us slowing down. AIMS are always improving and adapting to the constant changes in the business world.

Over 82% of our franchisees work from a home office environment

Fact – This means no huge start-up costs and no big overheads for you; fantastic when you are looking to set up your own practice with AIMS.

Close to 50% of leads generated through our extensive range of central office marketing activities have converted into fee paying clients

In the last 12 months 1,967 new clients and 15 new accountants said “YES” to AIMS!

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