Accounting and Bookkeeping

We know that sometimes accounting and bookkeeping can be tedious for business owners, but we also know they are integral parts of your business. We also know that for most small business owners, your time is better spent on running your business, rather than on your accounting and day to day bookkeeping. Let us help you with that – its our day job after all.

We know that what you really want to know is your cashflow – and your AIMS accountant will help you with, recording your incomings and outgoings to get a true picture of the health of your business.

We will help you with all elements of your accounting and bookkeeping whether you are a sole trader or limited company. This could be preparation and filing of your year-end financial report (your year end accounts), running your payroll (preparing and submitting employee wages and PAYE returns) and so much more.

Engage your local AIMS accountant to take as much as they can off your hands leaving you free to focus on what you love, your business.