Case studies

  • Steve Hunt, Barnsley

    Steve Hunt, Barnsley

    Steve Hunt’s decision to change career direction after 20 years in industry was made for the simple fact that he wanted to work with a portfolio of small businesses within his local area. Steve he opened his AIMS Accountants office in Barnsley in June 2014 and since then has grown from zero clients to more than 170 clients.

    Steve’s comments on his experiences with AIMS are “Thoroughly enjoys working with local small businesses and I’m always looking forward to continued growth but the focus does shift with time to delivering excellent customer service in line with the AIMS philosophy to all my new clients”.

  • Kaysen Pyndiah, North London

    Kaysen Pyndiah, North London

    After a career at a Big Four accountancy firm and in investment banking, both at senior levels, I decided to leave the City.  I wanted to spend more time with my children, who were growing up fast.  Setting up an accountancy practice locally became the obvious choice. Not only would doing so enable me to manage my professional and personal life better, but I genuinely enjoy accounting work and helping clients achieve their goals.

    The immediate issue I faced was marketing and technical support while I focused on my clients.  I came across AIMS in an ICAEW publication.  I attended their discovery session and immediately decided that their model suited me. A few months later, in early 2016, I opened my practice.  Since then it has been growing steadily – I currently serve more than 150 clients, and that number keeps going up.  AIMS have provided me with support at every step of my journey, even helping me arrive at a staffing solution.

  • Jamie Andreae, Wilmslow

    Jamie Andreae, Wilmslow

    Having started my career in a small accountancy practice, I found myself 20 years later in industry. I managed a large team, spending my day challenging budgets, looking at ‘efficiencies’, constantly talking in business jargon. I realised the work I had enjoyed all those years earlier was so far removed from my current situation – something needed to change. I wanted to actually produce something, interact with clients, get excited about winning business again! With a 2-year-old daughter, I also needed a degree of flexibility. My working week would still be significant, but I needed it to fit around that lifestyle.

    But how could I generate a client base big enough to financially provide for me and my family, all from a standing start? I needed three things – marketing support, accounting technical support and IT support. In these areas AIMS has been faultless. My marketing has produced a steady stream of leads, IT have helped me in technical matters that would have crippled me in the initial stages and the accounting support has allowed me to take on work I wouldn’t have the confidence to take on alone.

    It isn’t easy, there can be stressful times, but AIMS gives you a structure where it is within your grasp to succeed. 20 years on from being a filing clerk starting my AAT, I am back to doing what I genuinely enjoy. It’s just a shame it took me so long to realise it.

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