AIMS is all about optimum job satisfaction

Something that we like to make very clear is that the AIMS Accountancy Franchise is all about job satisfaction; this is the most important part of our culture. You already have the skills, the professional qualifications and a successful track record, so in order to achieve optimum job satisfaction you need to take control of your career and see just how rewarding running your own business is.

AIMS is a synergy of your expertise and our trusted, established and proven systems. Ultimately we want you to make the most of your skills and qualifications, achieve financial success and job satisfaction, all with a work/life balance determined by you.

Escape corporate life and take control of your career

Our accountants are hardworking and ambitious, but they determine their own work/life balance. Joining the AIMS Accountancy Franchise means that they have more control over their career and all their hard work pays off in their favour.

They work almost exclusively with small businesses, dealing with real people who need real support – much more rewarding than big corporate beasts. No one client is the same and our franchisees enjoy interacting with a diverse mix of clients and a variety of tax, accounting and business issues. Something that is very important to us is that our accountants ‘get to know their clients’ and their business so communicating with them regularly is imperative.

Profile of your future team

We have over 200 fully qualified accountants operating in their own AIMS Accountancy Franchise practice across the UK. They are all focused professionals, are members of an accounting association such as ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW and hold a practising certificate – these are the most important requirements we ask of all our accountants and stands us apart from others in the market.

The majority are from an industry background and joined AIMS because they wanted to get away from corporate life and take control of their career. In essence they are making the most of their skills and qualifications in an environment where they have the support of a central team whose aim is to make them successful. AIMS Accountants never feel they are “on their own” and failure is not an option.

The beauty of AIMS is that it’s a good fit for everyone regardless of age, background, ethnicity and gender. All that matters is that you have the skills and qualifications which is the recipe for your success.

In the last 12 months 1,967 new clients and 15 new accountants said “YES” to AIMS!

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