Joining AIMS and running your own practice: Shyam Thanki

Have you thought about starting your own practice but were worried about how long it would take to build up clients?

One of the reasons people join AIMS is not just to escape corporate life but also because of the marketing support, sales training and lead generation. We like to think we put everyone who joins us in the perfect position through our training and support of having the opportunities to sit in front of potential clients, and the tools and techniques to give them a great opportunity to convert those prospects into clients.

Shyam Thanki is one recent success story, operating his practice in Birmingham. He has just completed his 12th month with AIMS, and has signed an impressive 280 clients. Take a look at what Shyam has to say:

How has your first year been after opening your own practice?

“1 year in and it’s been a fantastic journey so far. Going live one month before the pandemic hit was also something to add to the mix when setting up a new business. Luckily there was a real need for clients to talk to their accountant, and I ended up picking up clients who weren’t getting through to their current accountant.

I had a client who had I not submitted his tax return before the extended April deadline last year, and he would not have received his SEISS grant. The client was thankful for this as his previous accountant went missing. ”

What do you enjoy the most about running your own practice?

“It’s been a great career move for me as I am getting a variety of work and exposure to multiple industries, this is something I have wanted as working in industry can get boring when you do the same thing month after month. My previous role as a contractor meant I was travelling a lot as well. This has now reduced a lot which enables me to spend time with my wife and 2-year-old son. The balance attained for me is something I really enjoy knowing I’ll be around my son growing up and not missing out on this”

What is the best part of joining AIMS?

“I’d also like to add that the training we did with the was vital in me being in this position, naturally I’m no salesman but the training I did really hit home to get out my comfort zone and be able to sell. I’m no expert but hopefully the client numbers speak for themselves. The ongoing support I receive from all of the head office is something that makes me feel at ease knowing they all are a call away – Be it marketing, technical questions, or just a hello is invaluable. ”

From AIMS perspective Shyam has done really well because

He has a positive attitude and embraces the AIMS system. He is well liked by all his clients due to his friendly and ‘can do’ attitude. Shyam doesn’t believe in such a thing as a ‘bad enquiry or client – he does what it takes to sign the prospect. All his clients are paying by monthly direct debit with commercially viable fees to sustain a growing and profitable practice.

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