19 September

Do you need IT for your business?

Oh, yes you do.
We as accountants have to focus a great deal on getting proper IT support, otherwise we could not deal with the zillions of records our clients have. We work with a great number of software providers to help us with our bookkeeping and accounting. We deal with market leaders like Sage, Xero, Clearbooks, Intuit Quickbooks.
But most people forget that bookkeeping is not the same as tax. When it comes to tax it gets more complicated and an accountant needs to be able to rely on the technology they have to complement their expertise. We work with Thomson Reuters Digita who are market leaders in their field. It is quite complex software and we know our clients don’t normally get involved at that level. But it is important for clients to know that their accountant uses cutting edge IT to make sure they can deliver good results for their clients.
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Candice Hardman | 19 September 2017

Echoing Henry’s comments above, Thomson Reuters offers AIMS franchisees market-leading software which automates their tax compliance processes and allows them to focus on important work. As AIMS’ dedicated Thomson Reuters account manager, I work closely with their members to provide our one-partner solution for all of their technology and information needs. Only last week, we held training sessions at the annual conference and it was great to help so many accountants continue to use our technology to simplify their workflow.Candice HardmanAIMS’ Sales ConsultantThomson Reuters

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