A personalised plate, more than just numbers and letters!

According to a recent survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the top 10% of households in the UK are now 850 times wealthier than the bottom 10%. A staggering figure!
But the biggest gap between the rich and the poor is not in property but in pensions. The ONS found that while the top 10% owned property averaging £340,000 in value, they had built up pension savings with an average of £742,000.
The bottom 50% of households had no net property wealth and just £4,000 in pension savings.
One of the major signifiers of wealth is the car's number plate. The ONS found that while just one in 40 cars owned by the bottom half of households had a personalised number plate, among the rich it is one in seven.
Hopefully from these statistics we can work out how to stop the divide between rich and poor and not just highlight how much money people have, that also own a personalised number plate.
We will look forward to seeing the more figures from the ONS but in the meantime let us know what you think about these figures.


Rocoja Limited | 15 January 2013

Great Article - I've had a private plate since I could drive, purely as my father (a very old school car dealer) had told me the above stats in a more colloquial way in the early 80's! I'm by no means part of the top 10%, BUT I would never sell my private plate - It may well have started as a twenty-something's status thing, but now it is part of my life I love & I am known for...

Dave Heaton | 18 December 2012

A really interesting article. Which reminds me - one of our shareholders has the numberplate 1FAS on the market with a percentage of any money raised over a certain threshold going to Bolton Lads and Girls Club. As an inflation beating investment this has come up trumps (and for a while was featured in Tolleys Tax Guide as one of, I think, only two cherished plates to get the VAT back!).

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