Why is it important who your business partners are?

For the past 25 years we have focused on delivering a slick and modern service to our clients. We never shy away from innovation and that is why work with business partners who can provide cutting edge technology and support.

Innovating accounting and tax advice is in our DNA; that’s why we don’t charge by the hour, that’s why all fees are agreed in advance – and there are many other benefits of the AIMS system which is constantly improved so that we can retain our market leading position.

No business works in isolation. Every business needs suppliers, sub-contractors such as IT systems, solicitors, accounting software and so on. As a client, you might not always know who the partners of the business you are dealing with are but we are sure you would not like to deal with a business if their partners are not the most reputable organisations who are market leaders

It is therefore imperative for a business to choose only reputable and market leading partners. We at AIMS pride ourselves that our suppliers are the “top” in their field.

There is a benefit for our clients because the better and closer we work with important suppliers the better we are equipped to provide optimum service to our clients.

Tide and AIMS

We are proud to work with Tide and share their aspirations to offer better business banking to SMEs.

Tide's goal is to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to do what they love and build awesome businesses.

As such we at Tide couldn't be happier to partner with AIMS, who have a proven track record of helping UK SMEs for over 25 years and are a leader in the space.

Through our partnership AIMS’ clients will finally get access to the modern, transparent and easy business banking service that they deserve.

AIMS clients can benefit from preferential rates with Tide.

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