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Big Companies get away with murder

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Lottery Scam

I just read the other day a little hidden gem about the National Lottery operator. They are selling lottery scratch cards with a £100,000 prize. The thing is that the prizes have already been claimed so the person buying the lottery ticket for £2 has no chance of winning.

Can you imagine if any of our clients would use this marketing ploy – I can’t because I know that most of our clients are honest and hardworking business people and they would never dream of misleading their clients like this.

It seems that the bigger you are the greater your chances of getting away with it. And before you ask I understand that the Advertising Standards Agency is launching an investigation and I am sure it will produce some interesting reading. The only thing is that the by the time the report is printed many more scratch cards will have been sold.

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