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Good accounting is good business

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accountants

You’ve heard this all before. If there is no tax, no compliance, no bank – you may be tempted to say I don’t need accounts or an accountant. But even then you have of course forgotten one important person namely you the owner or chief executive. You need intelligent financial information so that you can make better decisions how to operate and improve your business.

Most people don’t have a positive perception of accountants – they think they are just bean counters or number crunchers. I am not sure why this perception has arisen because I think we should give accountants credit where credit is due: accountants manage your accounting and tax affairs and are on hand when you need some advice or need to deal with compliance – in simple terms they are your right hand man helping you to operate and develop your business. So it is not just Monty Python!