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The devil being in the detail – 646 pages!

Let’s play “Give us a clue”. What received Royal Assent in July 2014? What makes the tax proposals announced in the Budget into law? Yes, it’s the Finance Act 2014.

At 646 pages it’s quite a read and I feel sorry for whoever wrote and put this together – there is an average of 500 words per page so times that by 646, [as some of you reach for your calculator it is in fact 323,000 words] what do you have – a lot of noise about taxes, rules and regulations.

If you have a good accountant they’ll know what you should know. Sounds cryptic but what I mean is that you’re not going to read it – you don’t have to thank goodness but I can tell you that an AIMS accountant will be up-to-date with any changes in legislation. So leave it to them to steer you in the right direction and if it’s quality and know-how you want then look no further than AIMS.

If you like the way we think, you’ll like the way we work.