10,000 reasons why working with AIMS accountant will work well for you

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Author: Joshua Ejdelbaum

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What do you want from your accountant?

If you just want someone to deal with the numbers, then there are many options for you. But AIMS are more than just ordinary bean counters.

Here’s just one example. As part of our increased Coronavirus support, we reached out to our clients notifying them about a discretionary grant scheme available to some business owners. We just received a note back from Liz, a client of an AIMS accountant. We’ll let her e-mail do the talking.

“Thank you for prompting us to apply for the discretionary grant.  We submitted an application and heard nothing and then all of a sudden last week we received notification from the council that we had been awarded a grant of £10,000.  We were truly overwhelmed and would not have known to apply had you not contacted us so yes, – a huge thank you!”

Just one example of how we were able to go above and beyond in assisting a client during a difficult economic time period. You can imagine how valuable the £10,000 is to a small business at this time!

If you want an accountant who will look after your interests, you can find out more here.