3 reasons to escape the corporate world

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escape the corporation world

If you work in the corporate world, you’ll know that it can be highly competitive, often to a fault. If you want to escape the corporate world, it can be daunting. 

Yet, a career marred by red tape and targets can be cutthroat.

Over 500 people have left the corporate world to join AIMS so we know a thing or 2 about why people leave. Here are 3 of the most common reasons. 

Your worth is linked to performance 

Quarterly and annual appraisals are checkbox exercises that don’t really capture your work ethic. Sure, they can be useful for understanding parts of your performance, but you’re much more than just numbers and checkboxes.  

A large part of your worth to a business should be performance, of course, but it’s also the value you add to your colleagues by lifting their mood. It’s your participation in extracurricular events with clients and the ideas that you suggest to your managers, even if they’re not taken on board. Loads of things you do add value and can’t be understood or interpreted with targets and checkboxes. 

Often, your self worth becomes a reflection of how you’re made to feel at work. If you’re at this point where this is impacting you, it might be time to think about other options.  

Your work is becoming routine and mundane  

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored at work. Work is supposed to be fun and filled with variety. Of course, there are routine tasks that are important and need to be taken care of, but work should be more than just this.  

Industry work for accountants can start to feel samey if the business you’re working for isn’t growing or changing much. This is why a lot of accountants choose to move back to practice work; it spices up your life! In industry, you usually only work for 1 business, but in practice you’ll deal with sometimes hundreds of businesses with different products and services. This means that your work is much more varied, the challenges always different and the excitement in work renewed.   

Sticking around when you start to feel bored can make you feel mediocre. That feeling of being in your comfort zone can be satisfying but draining at the same time. If you feel like this, it might be time to hit the old dusty!  

Micromanagers are driving you crazy 

Even when you’re good at your job, in the corporate world, there’s probably someone above you whose job is to make sure you and your colleagues are getting work done. A lot of the time, you’ll get micromanaged on the tasks that you successfully perform day in day out, which can be annoying.  

When you leave the corporate world to work for yourself, you’ll never have this again. Sure, there are still pressures on your completing work, but you can do it at your own pace without someone breathing down your neck who might never have done the work you’re doing in the first place! 

Don’t let other people make you feel frustrated at work. With AIMS Accountants, you have to run a viable business,  But with so much more freedom and flexibility to make the choices about that business.   

These are just a few of the reasons accountants have joined AIMS in the past. #

If you want to discuss your next career move and you’re tired of working in industry for the reasons above, visit https://www.aims.co.uk/accountancy-franchise/ today!