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Would your best friend tell you that the dress you’re considering makes your bum look big? You’d like to think so.

But when you’ve got your own business and things are getting tough, who would you turn to? Hopefully your AIMS Accountant will be willing to lend a hand; but what about the money for the last set of accounts? If you talk to your bank, assuming you can find a human being to talk to, are you going to be worried that they will immediately call in the overdraft? Who to talk to then?

Having worked as insolvency practitioners for over 35 years, we’d like to suggest we’re the go-to people. What we do isn’t always clever or complicated, but it can be a real godsend. Talking to someone who can see the wood for the trees and who is prepared to tell you if you are barking, to keep the forestry metaphor going, up the wrong one.

The trick to most businesses is sell more to more people more often and for more money. Simples! Looking after the clients you have, getting them to buy more items, more often, may pay greater dividends than pinning down that prospect who has never bought and who, frankly, will only ever use you as a stick to beat their existing supplier with. A promise is only a promise until it is delivered.

We won’t make promises we can’t keep. We won’t pretend to know everything about your or your client’s business. But we do know about business, and we will help you keep it if it is salvageable, sell it if needs must, or call it a day if that is the only option. Our reputation is built on getting you and your clients out of a pickle – not earning a fee doing a piece of work that did not need to be done. BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency, a critical friend when in need.

BRI can be contacted through the information available on their website, just call or email to have a chat or book an appointment. Your initial discussions with BRI are in confidence, without obligation and free of charge.

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