2019 AIMS Annual Conference

Every year, the AIMS Conference is a highlight of the business calendar for AIMS Accountants and Partners. Our famous Conferences brings together the wide-ranging AIMS Accountant community, along with our many valued business Partners, for a day filled with informative workshops, inspiring talks and opportunities all around. With 200 separate offices nationwide, the Conference presents an invaluable opportunity for AIMS Accountants to come together and share tips, tricks and ideas to help their SME clients.It’s also a great day for our Partners, who get the opportunity to interact with experienced, knowledgeable professionals who can make real use of their services.

Of course, we can’t forget as the famed AIMS Dinner either – after the Conference, Accountants and Partners alike enjoy socialising in a relaxed, informal atmosphere over great food and drinks. Have a look at the images below to see some of the highlights of last year’s Conference!

We’ve been hosting AIMS Conferences for over 25 years now, and the events have only been getting better and better. This year, we’re posed to produce our biggest and best Conference yet. We’ve made the decision to focus on a key AIMS value – personal relationships and interactions – which has meant some changes to how the Conference is set up.

In 2019, the AIMS Conference won’t just be one event – it will be 3! These smaller, more focused events will provide much greater opportunities for our Partners and Accountants to properly get to know each other and have real, personal interactions. Our Partners will be able to showcase their products and services, and our Accountants will have greater access to knowledge, techniques and software to help improve their practices.

The Conferences will take place at:

11th June – Hilton Manchester Deansgate

17th September – Rooms on Regents Park

3rd October – Rooms on Regents Park

We’re very grateful to the many AIMS Partners that we work with for helping us bring the Conferences to you. We work with many fantastic partners across a wide range of businesses – their continued support helps AIMS to provide the stellar tax and accounting support that we’re known for.