AIMS hold regular discovery workshops throughout the year, where you can get a chance to talk to us directly and find out if AIMS is the right route for you.

What is a Discovery Workshop?

Our discovery workshops are group Q&A sessions usually comprising a small number of prospective AIMS Accountants. At a discovery workshop, you’ll be able to have a conversation with our CEO, Gary Robinson, and one of our experienced Support Accountants to answer any questions you have about AIMS. Most sessions are done as a round-table style discussion, where you’ll be able to ask questions of your own and hear the answers to any questions other attendees might have.

Why come to a Discovery Workshop?

Discovery workshops are a vital part of the entry process for any prospective AIMS Accountant. They provide you with the chance to have all your questions and concerns answered directly and personally. The sessions are formed as a free-flowing conversation rather than a presentation or lecture (after all, you join AIMS to escape boring PowerPoints), so you can get the answers that are relevant to your situation, and your future.

What should you expect to cover in a Discovery Workshop?

As we mentioned, Discovery Workshops aren’t restricted by a schedule or set agenda of discussion. You’ve got the opportunity to ask about anything that you think is relevant to you. However, there are a few common topics that you should expect to discuss:

  • Initial Training
  • AIMS Support
  • Income Expectations
  • Franchise Requirements
  • Practice Operations
  • Relevant Experience
  • Interactions with Clients
  • Setup Costs
  • Marketing Support & Activities
  • Franchise Agreement

When and where are the Discovery Workshops?

Discovery Workshops don’t adhere to a set schedule, but they will always have dates and times set well in advance. Our free one-hour workshops are held online at a variety of times to suits your convenience.

How do I book onto a discovery workshop?

To book onto our latest discovery workshop, please email Philip Doyle – make sure to note your preferred date.