An Accountant’s a person, not a robot!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: accounting, AI, Automation, Computing

When it comes to the mechanics of accounting, the importance of personal relations is a hill we’re willing to die on. If you take humanity out of accounting, you take out the extra level of understanding that can completely change a situation.

Sometimes it can seem like the modern accounting world is bent on driving all semblance of personality from it, so it’s good for once to see someone fighting the same corner.

Numbers are the probably most important part of an accountant’s job. They always will be – after all, the word “count” is literally in the name of the profession.

The advent of AI can only make that side of the work easier. Computers can perform complex calculations faster than any human will – that’s a simple fact. Having an AI to make all the various calculations that go into producing a final tax bill and situation is a benefit for everyone – it’s faster, and more accurate. But that doesn’t mean that an accountant should disregard the people behind the numbers. In our opinion, it’s vital for any good accountant to personally know their clients – it’s all well and good to be able to extrapolate numbers based on formulae, but no machine can ever predict the “human factor” of a business. For that, you need a person, not a robot.

Here at AIMS, we’re glad to say that every accountant is personally in contact with their clients on a regular basis. They understand them, and their business, and use that understanding to provide the advice and solutions they need.

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