Accounting Apps? Now we’ve really seen everything.

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Mobile Accounting, Portability, technology

You might stand still, but technology marches on.

That’s a truth that has become ever more prevalent in recent years, and in many ways nobody knows this better than accountants. In the last few years, huge numbers of technology-driven accounting solutions have sprung up and eclipsed the old-fashioned ways of working, bringing with them major changes to how accountants of all stripes operate.

Now, we’re reaching a point that many would have considered unthinkable even 10 years ago – accounting solutions that aren’t even on your computer, but can be done entirely from your phone.

Accounting via app seems like a highly unorthodox solution, but the technology is certainly behind it. Mobile phones now are as powerful as computers from the last decade, if not more so. If accounting software could be made for those computers, why shouldn’t it be made for equally powerful phones? It’s certainly an odd thought – what used to take hours and reams of papers can now take minutes on something you can hold in your hand. The question is, though – what is the role of the accountant in a world where technology can do so much of the work?

Well, the answer there is that whilst an app might be convenient, it still can’t replicate the knowledge that comes with years of experience. Accountants might not be just the bookkeepers of a business any more – with the ease of keeping records in the modern world, they’ve transitioned to valued finance and business strategy advisors to their clients. Tech is a boon to the business world, and it’s changed the role of accountants fundamentally. But we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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