Adaptability of Small Businesses is a positive in this new normal.

/ Business and Economy

Author: Joshua Ejdelbaum

Tags: small business

We read an interesting article in The Times last week – “How small businesses can get one over the big boys in Zoom revolution” which talked about some opportunities that small businesses had due to the situation.

For example, it highlighted a manufacturer of sauces, who found himself able to pitch and sell to major supermarkets due to them having fewer internal meetings, and pitches being done remotely via Zoom – which they found had levelled the playing field between the little guy and the larger corporation with a large sales team.

Now, nobody is dismissing the difficulties and challenges faced by small businesses in this period. But one of the advantages a small business has is that they are adaptable. They can find ways of changing their processes, trying new marketing techniques or adapting what they do and how they do it.

And it is one thing we know from our years of working with the SME industry – that small business owners are determined. They will fight for their lives and ensure they do everything in their power to be successful – even in the most trying of times.

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