AIMS Client in Focus: Spencer and Sener – The number one Real Estate Agency in Barnet


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Client In Focus, SME

Having close to 30,000 clients across the UK, AIMS Accountants highlights some of the businesses we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis through our Client in Focus editions.

Today we are presenting Spencer and Sener, a client of James Piper in St. Albans, whose business started just before the government announced the 2008 recession, and went through a bumpy road to become as they describe themselves, the number one Estate agent in Barnet today.

What is the name of your business?

Spencer and Sener Estate Agency, and we are in 14 High St in Barnet. The business is run by two partners, Spencer Smith and Sener Halil. We have had a journey that feels like a rollercoaster ride when looking back at what we had experienced with the hurdles, the debt, and the risk but on a positive the perseverance resulted in huge success. The door, which was firmly shut in our face in 2014, opened several more doors by 2021, it made us rethink many aspects and take action.

How long has the business been going for?

Spencer and Sener has been running since April 2007 when we opened and within a month of opening, the UK government confirmed we were in a recession.

What does your business do?

Spencer and Sener Estate agency helps clients with sales and lettings, we deal with all sorts of people across Barnet, and are able to help clients find their dream properties.

But there is more to know about us and our location. In 2014, we realised that we had to change the location of our office, as renting within the High Barnet location where we were based was too costly. So, we bought a premises as we would be reducing the loan, resulting in a paid off future investment whilst also having a 5th of the cost it would be if paying rent.

What are the main challenges your business faces?

We have faced many challenges since we started, but some include fixed overhead costs, so when the markets dip those costs still need to be covered, some costs in the estate agency part of our business are astronomical such as the marketing portals.

Why did you choose an AIMS Accountant?

We chose AIMS because of James Piper himself, we wanted an accountant which we could approach and talk to when we needed to as opposed to previous accountants who looked at us as a number, with no personal touch. Some wouldn’t even talk to us without charging us per minute. AIMS Is able to offer what other accountants are not, and we appreciate it.

What has your AIMS Accountant brought to your business?

Having an AIMS Accountant has made our lives better in different ways such as simple straightforward advice and processes, we now have a system which works for us. AIMS and their system now enables our business to work more proficiently. We now have more time to focus on our business and we trust AIMS on delivering their work every month for us, so we can focus on our clients.

Why would you recommend AIMS to other businesses looking for an accountant?

We already do, if anyone asks us for assistance with accounting matters, we advise them we can’t help but we know a ‘Man who Can’. James and AIMS have been instrumental in our progress and success through the years and we will always take the chance to recommend them to our clients.

Even when COVID kicked in, we were able to continue our growth, instruction after instruction while having the support of a national brand on our side. To receive optimal support from AIMS in such a critical time was a game changer as there was a lot of uncertainty in the air, but AIMS cleared all of our doubts. We have been working with James Piper in St. Albans for 3+ years and looking to many more years.

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