AIMS Clients in Focus – Firth Campers


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Clients in Focus

With over 28,000 clients across the UK, AIMS accountants work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our new feature, AIMS Clients in Focus, highlights just a small sample of those businesses we help every day.

Here Andrea Firth, a client of Steve Hunt in South Yorkshire, tells us about their business, Firth Campers. You can find out more about Firth Campers on their website.

What is the name of your business?

“Firth Campers Ltd”

How long has the business been going for?

“5 1/2 years”

What does your business do?

“We design and build camper vans to award-winning quality. Our latest design is the Auto Camper Day Van Eco-line.”

What are the main challenges your business faces?

“Disruption to parts supply. Government legislation on vehicle emissions and the outlaw of clean diesel engines.”

Why did you choose an AIMS Accountant?

“Because like us, our accountant had just branched into self-employment and we wanted to support a local business.”

What has your AIMS Accountant brought to your business?

Continual on-hand advice and support.”

Why would you recommend AIMS to other businesses looking for an accountant?

“Because we get a friendly and professional service with fixed costs and no hidden fees.”

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