Four ways to approach new clients locally 


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Clients, Leads

Whether you have recently started your business or already benefit from having a considerable number of active clients in your business, catching potential clients’ attention, and expanding your client base is always important.

So, what are some of the ways that SMEs get a prospective client’s interest?  

  • Freebies – everyone likes a sample, and depending on your actual product, either digital or physical, it can be a way to secure a client. Most clients would prefer to try your product, or service before purchasing so find out where the next local event is and show presence. 
  • Online selling – if your business has either a website or a social media account, there are ways to implement e-commerce platforms into it to directly sell a product or service. A less expensive way would be offering your products through eBay or Etsy. 
  • Work with other business – have your business cards and flyers ready and have a walk around your area to chat and offer your services. Other businesses would be happy to introduce you to clients who you could provide business for. It is all about getting your name out, and let the local commercial area know you. 

There are plenty of ideas to gain new clients, and every business is different, and each can take a different approach, but the message is the same. Small businesses should always look into testing diverse ways to find clients as it is not for sure what will work. What other ideas have worked well for generating clients, share your ideas. 

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