Are you fulfilling your data protection obligations?

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With 200 accountants across the UK, and over 28,000 clients, at AIMS we keep our fingers on the pulse as to the issues affecting small business owners.

We have seen, and a number of clients have asked us, about an increase in letters received from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to our clients, regarding the need for registration. They concern the need for small businesses to register with the ICO, in order to demonstrate to their clients that they take their data protection obligations seriously.

Now, these are not SPAM! Apart from some businesses which may be exempt, it is important that every business that processes information pays a fee to the ICO, otherwise, they may be fined under the Data Protection (Charges and Information) regulations 2018 Act. And these fines can be as large as £4,000!

The fee for a small business is usually only £40-£60 per annum. But all small businesses should refer to the ICO website to check their eligibility and pay if required.

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