Behind every good business is a great Accountant

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Every year we wait in anticipation for the Forbes rich list which list’s the world’s wealthiest in all their glory – me personally I’m more interested in how they made their money as to how much they have stashed in their bank account, but for those of you who don’t know there is also the Accountancy Rich List 2015 which has just been released by Economia magazine.

This list is comprised of the top 100 wealthiest accountants in the UK who are accountants by profession but have used their finance and business know-how to claim their fortune. The top ten wealthiest have a combined total of over £12 billion – not a bad sum in my eyes. They have honed in on their skills to build their fortune in online betting, retailing, finance, industry, football, transport, mobile phones, cash and carry and hotels.

I will never get tired of telling you how important it is that you have an accountant right at the start of your business – I will tell you again because they are one, if not the most important assets of any business. Most are more than just number crunchers and can really help you with your business in ways you couldn’t imagine. Accountants want to help you make money as well making sure you’re spending it wisely. They may not make you a billionaire but they won’t make you poor either – well, they shouldn’t.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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