AIMS Client in Focus – Lucy Quartermaine Ltd


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: SME

Having over 28,000 clients across the UK, we highlight some of the businesses we help on a daily basis through our Client in Focus editions.

Today we are presenting Lucy Quartermaine, a client of Will and Louise Burridge in Cheshire, and she explains in detail about her award-winning jewellery business. Her motto is “Life is too short to wear boring Jewellery” and currently features designs available from over 100 of UK’s finest jewellers and galleries, and also on the store’s website

Lucy Quartermaine Ltd has been going for 15 years on and off! I run my own Jewellery brand and I design each and every piece which I sell in retailers, online and on TV.

What are the main challenges your business faces?

I would say competition is one of our biggest challenges. We must continually complete with other jewellery brands by keeping on top of our marketing and social media. On top of that we must ensure that our price point is affordable, and our quality is perfect.

Why did you choose an AIMS Accountant?

Louise was recommended to us via social media. We were looking for an accountant who we could speak to on our level and understand (I do not do accountancy jargon!) and not charge us for having a 5-minute conversation!!

Louise gives us that personal attention that other accountants would not. She is approachable and offers great financial advice along the way.

What has your AIMS Accountant brought to your business?

Louise has looked after our accounts beautifully since she started with us and was more than happy to make regular visits to the office (pre-COVID) to get to know the company and understand how we work. We talk often, and Louise always ensures that we are up to date with everything within the financial world.

Why would you recommend AIMS to other businesses looking for an accountant?

I have to say that the best thing with working with AIMS in the personal touch. Louise is now a good friend and she has my best interests at heart. I would recommend AIMS to anyone who wants to find an accountant who speaks their language and seeks great financial advice on a regular basis., Instagram or Facebook

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