CPDo or CPDon’t? There’s only one answer for an AIMS Accountant

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We’re going to start this blog off on a low note with some disappointing news that we learned recently. According to some recent research, nearly 10% of accountants don’t properly complete their CPD.

Even among those that do, 20% of them rush it all in at the last minute! To us, that’s a travesty – and a dangerous one, at that.

“Continuing Professional Development” is the process by which an accountant must do a certain number of accredited courses (as defined by their professional body) every year to ensure that their practical knowledge of tax and accounting is properly up-to-date. In a world that’s as quick to change as modern accounting, your knowledge can very quickly become out-of-date. As we’ve talked about before, providing clients with out-of-date advice can be perilous to both accountant and client alike. CPD exists for exactly this reason, so it’s shameful to see accountants ignoring it!

In our opinion, CPD is one of the single most important things to any accountant. It should never be ignored – that just creates unacceptable risk for everyone. At AIMS, we believe that providing up-to-date advice is an absolutely vital part of being able to provide a proper service to clients – which is why every AIMS Accountant ensures that they’re on top of their CPD requirements. Thankfully, AIMS clients can be sure that they’re always getting properly qualified advice. From CPD to our dedicated support team and our ongoing year-round training sessions, we do everything we can to make sure clients are getting an up-to-date accounting service.

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