Do you want a toxic workplace, or an accountant who loves their job?

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According to a survey done by CAGA, 30% of senior accountants hate their jobs. It’s no better on the junior end either – 60% feel that their workplace has a toxic atmosphere. It’s a sad statistic, but it’s perhaps not a surprising one.

Accounting is now more corporate than ever. Junior accountants can only get ahead by stepping on others, and seniors have to be harsh taskmasters who only focus on the earnings. It’s not exactly an environment where satisfaction is fostered. Nor is it great for clients – an accountant who hates their job isn’t going to put in the effort for their clients.

Thankfully, however, there’s an alternative. More and more accountants are starting to realise that starting up their own practices are in fact viable options. Here at AIMS we’ve seen plenty of new accountants recently who have cited dissatisfaction in the corporate world as a driver behind them coming on board. Working for yourself is a very different experience from corporate accounting, and for the most part, we’ve found that our Accountants have been much happier with it! That’s reflected in their clients, too – in the last year, more than 35% of new clients have been referred to AIMS by a recommendation from existing ones.

Accounting is always going to be a different job to most others. Who else has the level of insight into a business that an accountant does? But that doesn’t mean accounting needs to be a closed-off environment. Bringing issues like these, and the solutions to them, into the light can only make for improvements.

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