Showing off your expertise: educational social media posts benefits

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It is more important than ever to be using social media if you want to get more clients organically, and there are ways that you can write posts and create content to generate business without actually selling. Educational social media posts are the way forward.  

But how? Well, by giving your target audience real value while showing off your expertise. What we mean by this is educating your prospects on things that they might not know are their problems yet.  

Selling has always been the ability to solve a problem for your prospects, the capacity to remove any pain they’re feeling. It is also now anticipating their problems and educating them so that they have the tools to move forward before they need to use them!  

Writing educational posts 

Let’s start with an example and let’s say you’re an accountant who is targeting small to medium enterprises (SMEs). You probably want to display your expertise on things that they’ll need an accountant for like submitting tax returns or claiming money back from the government for research and development projects. Every business will appreciate someone showing them how to do the latter. 

LinkedIn will be a good place to start because you want to get in front of business owners. All good posts will include a call to action (CTA) at the end which is a way of getting the reader to do something so bare this in mind as we look at a couple of examples. The first example is a classically salesy post that includes the CTA “call us today.” Posts like this get very little engagement because people know that you’re selling to them: 

Educational social media posts and how not to do it

In this post, the target audience hasn’t been addressed, there’s no context and there’s certainly nothing educational about it. 

Try instead to actually educate your prospects on the process they need to follow and the criteria they need to meet to get money back from the government for their innovation. You can do this with just text but images, videos and carousels will get you more engagement. Here’s an example: 


The CTA here is “follow our page” which is much less aggressive in its approach to get people to engage with your business. The whole idea behind this post is to give your target audience information that can actually benefit them. You’re giving them helpful links and letting them know what support is available to them, without actually asking them to call you directly to help them sort it out. 

This approach works, but it’s definitely a slow-burner. Social media experts will tell you that this is the best way to sell on social media. Over time, as you grow an audience of SMEs who see you as the expert on everything relating to money, you’ll start to get messages from businesses asking you for help.  

AIMS Accountants already benefit from this approach 

Remember, be patient and don’t sell too hard and you’ll reap the rewards over time. AIMS Accountants already benefit from this kind of social media activity that head office does. This means that our social media pages are already helping our accountants generate business! If you join AIMS and start to work on your own page, this growth will accelerate even faster because you’ll be part of an established brand.  

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