Everyone needs an accountant – so an accountant knows everyone!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Business Relationships, Referrals, Running a Business

If you’re looking for a particular service, everyone’s got a different point of call.

Some go asking around the local community. Others go online and get Googling. A rare few might even blow the dust off their copy of the phone book, and have a browse in there. But there’s a lesser-known source of business recommendations that we’d like to bring to light today – and unsurprisingly for the network of business accountants, it is of course your accountant.

When you’re working with a practice accountant or firm thereof, you’re not going to be their only client. From restaurants and shops through to factories and garages, business accountants work with a wide range of different companies across all sorts of sectors. So whilst you might not have a clue about where you can get a specific product or service from, your accountant might have been working with such a company for years, and can happily vouch for the quality they provide.

Your accountant’s connections aren’t just limited to their client base, either. Most accountants will have professional relationships with a number of other professional services firms. They might not have specifically worked for them, instead there have been clients they’ve assisted in the past (or vice versa). As such, they know and trust in the quality of their work. We’re no exception there – we work with a number of AIMS Partners to help bring clients the service they deserve, and we’d happily recommend any of their products or services to any of our clients.

So if your business finds itself in need of something in particular, then before you go off spending hours searching, give your accountant a call. They might just be able to take all the pain of that search away!

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